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Our Story

The Ashtabula County Basketball Foundation, Inc. (ACBF) is a non-profit corporation founded in January of 2003 by Michael A. Joslin and Nicholas A. Iarocci. The Foundation was implemented to recognize and reward the outstanding basketball players, coaches, referees and past stars of Ashtabula County.

The main function of the Foundation is to promote, encourage, reward and even inspire the growth of basketball in Ashtabula County. Our main forum is an annual awards banquet to be held at the end of each basketball season. It is the hope of the Foundation to touch as many lives as possible through the sport of basketball in Ashtabula County.

An important part of the Foundation's philosophy is to try to bring equal representation to all of the basketball communities in the County. 

As you look through our site, please take the time to recognize our Directors. They have sacrificed countless hours of their personal time to see the dream of the Foundation become reality.

And finally, please join us in making the Foundation banquet an event that will be looked forward to each and every year. With your support we can insure that our recipients will receive the recognition they deserve. Feel free to contact any of the Trustees or Directors to volunteer your support. We look forward to seeing you all at our annual Banquet.

Michael A. Joslin, Trustee
Nicholas A. Iarocci, Trustee

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